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Franchise Support & Process


Training Support :
  • METAMAX organizes induction programs for new Business Partners and their staff.
  • METAMAX hosts sales and marketing training periodically.
  • METAMAX conducts ongoing training for new products.
Systems Support :
  • METAMAX designs the sales and onboarding process.
  • METAMAX conducts online examinations for employees
  • METAMAX offers a special data management system for maintaining prospects, customers records and managing center operations.
Marketing and Advertising Support :
  • METAMAX rolls out marketing and advertising initiatives at a national level.
  • For region-specific advertising, METAMAX provides aid to Business Partners, which is subject to a minimal charge.
  • METAMAX offers new Business Partners an initial start-up kit containing product brochures and promotional material, which is subject to a minimal charge.


  • The candidate should be a graduate in any discipline.
  • The individual should possess the ability to mobilize resources through internal and external means. He/she should have the capability to invest total project cost.
Business Experience and Skills :
  • Possess 1-3 years of experience in any functional area, preferably at the middle management level.
  • Be a first-time entrepreneur.
  • Be self-employed in business.
Commitment :
  • Share the vision and values of METAMAX in the field of Software Development.
  • Devote full-time attention to the venture or source professional help to run it.
Geographical Knowledge :
  • The candidate should have complete knowledge of the regional and local market.
Process :
  • Fill-up the Online Enquiry Form and submit.
  • METAMAX will get in touch with you and guide you about the complete process.
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The METAMAX Advantage

The Metamax team boasts over 15 years of experience in business automation and software development. As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted numerous industries, including retail and healthcare, as well as medium and small businesses, particularly those following traditional formats. However, businesses with a digital infrastructure were better positioned to thrive post-pandemic.

In 2020, Dr. Karunaikumar founded Metamax with the aim of creating world-class digital infrastructure for retailers, healthcare sectors, and medium to small businesses. By 2021, we successfully developed a top-notch online store for retailers, rivaling the standards set by the largest retail corporations worldwide.

In 2022 and 2023, we entered the market for a trial period. Through intensive market studies and direct feedback, we enhanced our offerings to become best in class. Now, we can provide store-specific online solutions for over 50 categories in the retail sector, such as Grocery, Supermarket, Fruits & Vegetables, Textiles & Readymades, Jewellery Shops, Mobile Shops, Hardware Stores, Restaurants, Bakeries, Ice Cream Shops, Toys and Gift Shops, Footwear, Sports Shops, Stationery, Interior Design Products, Opticals, Home Appliances, Dairy Products, Leather Products, Furniture Shops, Nursery Shops, Used Car Sellers, Aquariums, Pets Food Shops, Fish/Meat Shops, Perfume Shops, RO Products, Automobile Spare Parts, etc.

Metamax's products - d-store, digital doctor, digital office, and integrated delivery system - are poised to bring a bright future to MSME sectors across the globe.


  • Offers a unique Franchise Business Model.
  • Equips Franchises with cutting-edge products, making it the preferred choice for retailers, healthcare sectors, and MSME businesses.
  • Provides Franchises with detailed operations manuals and processes.
  • Recognizes Business Partners for outstanding performance through various Business Partner Forums and Meets at regional, national, and global levels.
  • Organizes exclusive training for Business Partners to keep them updated with the latest technology and management concepts.
  • Remains involved with Business Partners in their strategic initiatives.
  • Offers Franchises a full-fledged range of cutting-edge products in various categories.
  • Nurtures openness, mutual trust, and respect for its Business Partners.