Salem, Tamilnadu

Patient Appointment Management System

Efficiently schedule and manage patient appointments.

Patient History Management System

Maintain comprehensive digital records of patients' medical histories.

Digital Room Online Consultation

Enable virtual consultations with healthcare professionals from the comfort of home.

Patient Categories

  • 1. Normal
  • 2. Prime
  • 3. Golden Circle

Categorize patients based on service levels for personalized care.

Hospital Accounts Management System

Streamline financial transactions and billing within the hospital.

Inbuilt Medical Store

Provide an integrated pharmacy for convenient medication procurement.

Inbuilt Lab

Offer in-house laboratory services for diagnostic testing.

Third-Party Integration

Seamlessly integrate with external healthcare systems and services.

Timely Consultation Anywhere, Anytime

Ensure patients can access consultations when and where they need them.

Accessibility for Rural Doctors

Enable rural doctors to participate and collaborate with the digital hospital system.


To be a pioneer in healthcare technology, revolutionizing patient care and hospital efficiency through our digital hospital system. Our vision is to create a connected healthcare ecosystem where accessibility, personalized care, and innovation intersect, improving the well-being of communities we serve.


Our mission is to develop and deliver a state-of-the-art digital hospital system that provides efficient, patient-centric care while simplifying hospital management. We are dedicated to facilitating timely consultations, supporting healthcare professionals, and driving positive health outcomes. Our focus is on advancing healthcare accessibility and quality through cutting-edge technology.


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